String$ = GetGadgetText(#Gadget)
Returns the gadget text content of the specified gadget.


#Gadget The gadget to use.

Return value

Returns the gadget text, or an empty string if the gadget does not support text content.


This function is especially useful for:

- ButtonGadget(): return the text of the ButtonGadget.
- ComboBoxGadget() - return the content of the current item.
- DateGadget() - return the currently displayed date, in the form it is displayed in the gadget.
- EditorGadget() - return the text content of the editor gadget. Please note, that several lines of text are normally separated with "Chr(13)+Chr(10)".
- HyperLinkGadget() - return the text of the HyperLinkGadget.
- ListIconGadget() - return the content of first column of the currently selected item.
- ListViewGadget() - return the content of the current item.
- StringGadget() - return contents of the StringGadget.
- TextGadget() - return contents of the TextGadget.
- TreeGadget() - return the text of the currently selected Item in the TreeGadget.
- WebGadget() - return the URL of the displayed website.

See Also

SetGadgetText(), GetGadgetItemText(), SetGadgetItemText()
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