String$ = GetGadgetText(#Gadget)
Returns the gadget text content of the specified gadget.


#Gadget The gadget to use.

Return value

Returns the gadget text (HTML format), or an empty string if the gadget does not support text content.


This function is especially useful for:

- ButtonGadget(): return the text of the ButtonGadget.
- ComboBoxGadget() - return the content of the current item.
- DateGadget() - return the currently displayed date, in the form it is displayed in the gadget.
- EditorGadget() - return the text content of the editor gadget. Please note, that several lines of text are normally separated with "Chr(13)+Chr(10)".
- HyperLinkGadget() - return the text of the HyperLinkGadget.
- ListIconGadget() - return the content of first column of the currently selected item.
- ListViewGadget() - return the content of the current item.
- StringGadget() - return contents of the StringGadget.
- TextGadget() - return contents of the TextGadget.
- TreeGadget() - return the text of the currently selected Item in the TreeGadget.
- WebGadget() - return the URL of the displayed website.

See Also

SetGadgetText(), GetGadgetItemText(), SetGadgetItemText()

Supported OS


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