SetGadgetItemAttribute(#Gadget, Item, Attribute, Value [, Column])
Changes an attribute value of the specified gadget item.


#Gadget The gadget to use.
Item The item to use. The first item in the gadget has index 0.
Attribute The attribute to set. See below for the supported values.
Value The value to set for the attribute.
Column (optional) The column to use for gadgets that support multiple columns. The first column has index 0. The default is column 0.


This function is available for all gadgets which support item attributes:

- ListIconGadget():
  #PB_ListIcon_ColumnWidth : Changes the width of the given 'Column'. The 'Item' parameter is ignored.

See Also

GetGadgetItemAttribute(), GetGadgetAttribute(), SetGadgetAttribute()
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