Value = GetGadgetItemAttribute(#Gadget, Item, Attribute [, Column])
Gets an attribute value of the specified gadget item.


#Gadget The gadget to use.
Item The item from which to get the attribute. The first item in the gadget has index 0.
Attribute The attribute to get.
Column (optional) The column from which to get the attribute on gadgets that support multiple columns. The first column has index 0. The default is column 0.

Return value

Returns the attribute value or zero if the item or attribute does not exist.


This function is available for all gadgets which support item attributes:

- ListIconGadget():
  #PB_ListIcon_ColumnWidth : Returns the width of the given 'Column'. The 'Item' parameter is ignored.
- TreeGadget():
  #PB_Tree_SubLevel : Returns the sublevel of the given item
The sublevel value of the tree item can be used to determine relations between items in the tree. For example the first item with a sublevel smaller than the current item, if the list is checked backwards, is the parent of the current item.

See Also

SetGadgetItemAttribute(), GetGadgetAttribute(), SetGadgetAttribute()

Supported OS


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