Result.d = ConvertCoordinateY(x.d, y.d [, Source, Target])
Convert a point from one coordinate system to another in the vector drawing output. This function returns the Y coordinate of the conversion. The X coordinate can be retrieved with the ConvertCoordinateX() function.


x.d, y.d Specifies the coordinates of the point to convert in terms of the source coordinate system.
Source, Target (optional) Specifies the source and target coordinates for the conversion. Each can be one of these values:
  #PB_Coordinate_Device: The coordinate system of the output device
  #PB_Coordinate_Output: The coordinate system as it was created with the drawing output function
  #PB_Coordinate_User  : The coordinate system for points in the drawing path
  #PB_Coordinate_Source: The coordinate system for the vector drawing source
The default conversion is from #PB_Coordinate_User to #PB_Coordinate_Output.

Return value

Returns the Y coordinate of the point in the target coordinate system.


See the vectordrawing overview for an introduction to the different coordinate systems.


See ConvertCoordinateX() for an example.

See Also

ResetCoordinates(), TranslateCoordinates(), ScaleCoordinates(), RotateCoordinates(), SkewCoordinates() ConvertCoordinateX()

Supported OS


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