Result$ = DeviceInfo(Type)
Returns information about the device.


Type It can be one of the following value:
  #PB_Device_Model   : The device codename model. This value can be different across versions of the same product.
  #PB_Device_Platform: The underlying platform ("Android" or "iOS").
  #PB_Device_UUID    : The unique ID identifier of the device
  #PB_Device_Version : The OS version (ie: "4" for iOS 4, "4.1" for Android 4.1 etc.)
  #PB_Device_Manufacturer: The manufcaturer ("Apple", "Motorola" etc.)
  #PB_Device_Serial  : The device hardware serial number

Return value

The required system information, or an empty string if it can't be retreived.


  Debug "Model: " + DeviceInfo(#PB_Device_Model)
  Debug "Platform: " + DeviceInfo(#PB_Device_Platform)
  Debug "UUID: " + DeviceInfo(#PB_Device_UUID)
  Debug "Version: " + DeviceInfo(#PB_Device_Version)
  Debug "Manufacturer: " + DeviceInfo(#PB_Device_Manufacturer)
  Debug "Serial number: " + DeviceInfo(#PB_Device_Serial)

Supported OS

Android, iOS

<- DeviceBrightness() - System Index - ElapsedMilliseconds() ->