Result = OpenScreen(Width, Height, Depth, Title$ [, FlipMode [, RefreshRate]])
Opens a new screen according to the specified 'Width', 'Height' and 'Depth'. InitSprite() has to be called successfully before using this command. The opened screen is created with 2 video buffers to allow double buffering, especially useful for games. The buffers can be manipulated with the FlipBuffers() function.


Width, Height The screen resolution, in pixels. The specified resolution has to be supported or the screen won't be created.
Depth Ignored.
Title$ Text to be display in the brower title bar.
FlipMode (optional) Ignored.
RefreshRate (optional) Ignored.

Return value

Nonzero if the screen has been successfully opened, zero otherwise.


The Requester functions cannot be used on screens created with OpenScreen.

To open a screen area on a regular window, see OpenWindowedScreen().

See Also

OpenWindowedScreen(), FlipBuffers(), ResizeScreen()

Supported OS


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