Runtime Variable
Runtime #Constant
Runtime Procedure() declaration
Runtime Enumeration declaration
For advanced programmers. Runtime is used to create runtime accessible list of programming objects like variables, constants and procedures. Once compiled a program doesn't have variable, constant or procedure label anymore as everything is converted into binary code. Runtime enforces the compiler to add an extra reference for a specific object to have it available through the Runtime library. The objects can be manipulated using their string reference, even when the program is compiled.

Another use would be adding a small realtime scripting language to the program, allowing easy modification of exposed variables, using runtime constants values. While it could be done manually by building a map of objects, the Runtime keyword allows to do it in a standard and unified way.

Example: Procedure

  Runtime Procedure OnEvent()
    Debug "OnEvent"

  Debug GetRuntimeInteger("OnEvent()") ; Will display the procedure address

Example: Enumeration

  Runtime Enumeration
    #Constant1 = 10

  Debug GetRuntimeInteger("#Constant1")
  Debug GetRuntimeInteger("#Constant2")
  Debug GetRuntimeInteger("#Constant3")

Example: Variable

  Define a = 20
  Runtime a

  Debug GetRuntimeInteger("a")
  SetRuntimeInteger("a", 30)
  Debug a ; the variable has been modified