DisplayPopupMenu(#Menu, WindowID [, x, y])
Displays a PopupMenu under the current mouse position or at the given screen location.


#Menu The menu to display. It must have been created with CreatePopupMenu() or CreatePopupImageMenu().
WindowID The window with which to associate the popup menu. This value can be obtained with the WindowID() function.
x, y (optional) The location at which the menu should be displayed in screen coordinates. These are coordinates in pixels relative to the upper-left corner of the primary monitor.

If this parameter is not specified, the menu is displayed at the current mouse position.

Return value



The popup menu will be hidden again when the user selects an item or clicks somewhere outside of the area of the popup menu.

For an example and a preview image see CreatePopupMenu().

See Also

CreatePopupMenu(), CreatePopupImageMenu()

Supported OS


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