Text$ = PeekS(*Buffer, Offset [, Length [, Format]])
Reads a string from the specified memory buffer.


*Buffer The buffer to read from. It must have been allocated with AllocateMemory() or ReAllocateMemory().
Offset The offset (in bytes) in the buffer.
Length (optional) The maximum number of characters to read. If this parameter is not specified or -1 is used then there is no maximum. The string is read until a terminating null-character is encountered or the maximum length is reached.
Format (optional) The string format to use when reading the string. This can be one of the following values:
  #PB_Ascii  : Reads the strings as ascii.
  #PB_UTF8   : Reads the strings as UTF8 (default).
  #PB_Unicode: Reads the strings as unicode.

Return value

Returns the read string.

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<- PeekL() - Memory Index - PeekU() ->