Result = GetGadgetItemData(#Gadget, Item)
Returns the value that was previously stored with this gadget item with the SetGadgetItemData() function. This allows to associate a custom value with the items of a gadget.


#Gadget The gadget to use.
Item The item from which the data should be read. The first item in the gadget has index 0.

Return value

Returns the stored data. If no value has been stored with the item yet, the return-value will be 0.


This function works with the following gadgets:
- ComboBoxGadget()
- ListIconGadget()
- ListViewGadget()
- PanelGadget()
- TreeGadget()

See SetGadgetItemData() for an example.

See Also

SetGadgetItemData(), GetGadgetData(), SetGadgetData()
<- GetGadgetItemAttribute() - Gadget Index - GetGadgetItemState() ->